Zhen is an interaction designer and 3D artist based in New York. Currently she's an Interaction Designer at Livelike, focusing on VR user interface design and Unity prototyping. Before she's a VR Artist at Viacom NEXT, researching on VR user interfacte and prototyping for VR applications. She's also a freelance 3D and motion graphics designer for startups and indie musicians.

During her graduate study life in ITP, NYU, she developed her interest in 3D interaction after explorations in big screens experience, connected devices interaction and VR. Her projects have been shown at NYC Media Lab Summit, ITP Big Screens Show, Bodies in Motion Performance Show, Experiments in Storytelling, The NYC Arcade, ITP Spring/Winter Show.

Before that, she used to work as a UX designer at Nanotronics Imaging, ARK Design and SYSU Digital Media Research Center, where she formed the thinking of valuing user experience.

She also likes cameras, sketchbook, different languages, flowers and green tea.

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