To Be With Hamlet

A live performance of Shakespeare in social VR


To Be With Hamlet is the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) production of Shakespeare and one of the first projects to stage a live performance in social VR. This piece is based on Scene 5 of Hamlet where Hamlet confronts his murdered father’s vengeful ghost.

As the UE4 Interaction Designer of this project, I am responsible for what needs to be done in UE4: building the virtual "theatre", designing interactions between audiences and the performer, bringing character animations and live streaming mocap data into the scene, creating special effects such as turning character into smoke.

An ongoing project with the production team of Hamlet In The Holojam. Official website here.
Role: Unreal Engine Interaction Designer, Environment Artist
Software: Unreal Engine 4, Cinema 4D, Motive for OptiTrack

Development Diary - Introduction

Character: Ghost - Particle Test

The ghost is in a form of series of abstract elements: fire, smoke, leaves and poison throughout his story. Different particle effects are attached to the character as shown below. When the character moves, the particles would move with him.

Character: Hamlet - Animation Test

Bringing scanned "Hamlet" into the enviroment prototype with recorded animations:

First Enviroment Prototype