The Nth Wall

Experimental performance about the intersection of the physical world and virtual reality


The Nth Wall is a multimedia performance exploring the intersection of the physical world and virtual reality. We want to take the Fourth Wall theory one step further. By putting barriers and paths into the performance, we create different levels of immersion for the VR immersee, MoCap performer and audiences.

A collaboration with Joanna Wrzaszczyk, Nick Bratton, Dylan Filingeri
Role: Interaction Design, Scene Design, MoCap Performer
Software: UE4 (Unreal), MAYA
Presented in Bodies in Motion Magnet Show


We explore the relationship between:
VR immersee and virtual reality.
VR immersee and augmented reality.
VR immersee and people in real world (VR Audiences).

We ask: How flexible is the boundary between digital and physical world?
We see: How glimpses of the real, the human, influence the way we use, modulate, and think about digital space.
We investigate: The observer effect.
We reconsider: The fourth wall. Who is performing? Who is observing?

interaction design


mocap performer x vr immersee

Scene Design

Bedroom Beach Scene Mannequin Room Mirror Room TV Room & Theater